General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )

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GDPR Readiness Assessment :

The GDPR Assessment program assists in performing the Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment. To initiate this process it requires the cyber security best practices and a well-established cyber framework to address the queries related to the GDPR compliance. In order to counter with the new changes successfully, GCAS’s current position of the organization and understand readiness to meet the new GDPR regulation.

GDPR Full Compliance Implementation :

The policies of GDPR encompasses all the public-private entities that operate in EU who offer any kinds of goods and services; be it, customers, employees or business partners all will be equally impacted and monitored.

GCAS with its team of experts supports the organizations to provide a smooth transition from historical GDPR policies to the updated GDPR policy. GCAS can help you prepare with our GDPR readiness assessment. Our team will do all the heavy-lifting for you: setup, configuration, and analysis of concrete steps to improve your GDPR compliance. The methodology that we follow is easy and non-intrusive with a comprehensive report as the final deliverable.

GDPR Training :

GCAS provides a comprehensive training with intent to educate employees at all levels so that they can initiate their preparations for GDPR. This time-bound course is ideal for all employees across the organization to spread the understanding of GDPR from all aspects so that they can make use of this learning and be confident in accomplishing compliance.

This training course to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will train you to understand how it can be applied to your organization and what are its potential benefits and will help the business owners to emphasize the key things to consider while taking the GDPR training and compliance process.

Outsourcing your organization’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) obligation :

The GDPR recognizes having a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a key player in facilitating regulatory compliance.

In some instances, it is mandatory to have a DPO:

• For all public authorities and many private organizations.

• Commercial organizations processing large quantities of EU Data Subject’s personal information (particularly special categories)

• When the core activities involve monitoring EU Data Subjects on a large scale Even where the GDPR does not specifically require.

• The appointment of a DPO, it is highly encouraged as a matter of good practice and to demonstrate compliance.

Many organizations, particularly smaller ones, may find that the DPO responsibilities are a challenge to deliver due to the breadth of knowledge required on data processing and data security operations, and requisite familiarity with the legal aspects of the GDPR.

GCAS’s DPO-as-a-Service provides practical and cost-effective solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )