Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis

Financial modeling refers to the task of putting together an abstract representation of a real world financial situation. World-wide organizations of today employ this model to forecast their business outcomes and think through their financial strategies. Financial modeling can also help in summarizing events and providing effective directions for future decisions or actions.

Decision-makers need tools that help them translate quantitative and qualitative information to accurately forecast the financial outcomes for their business. Financial models can be constructed by using advanced software or by simply jotting it down on a paper; the medium used is not as important as the logic used to build the model.

Financial Modeling Service Offerings

We offer financial modeling services that will cover almost all of your requirements. We have segregated our services based on their application and usage in an organization.

1. Financial Modeling: Our financial models can help you assess new business opportunities, raise your capital, and analyze other crucial aspects related to investments.
2. Business Valuation Analysis

Green Finance Services

Financial investments flowing into sustainable development projects & initiatives, environmental products and policies that encourage the development of a more sustainable economy. Green finance Services includes climate finance but is not limited to it.

GCAS provides services to enable renewable energy business companies to succeed at all stages of business growth from conception to maturity to exit. We work with companies in all industries, but we appreciate clients that are trying to make our world a better place.

Our services deals with project evaluation, project financing processes and the necessary steps that need to be undertaken to obtain funding from financial institutions when these institutions analyze the “bankability” of renewable energy projects especially wind, PV and biogas projects.

Our approach lays out the important organizational and business-plan aspects of the financing and assessment procedures that are required and need to be undergone prior to a first disbursement under a project loan facility.

Our Services includes the following;

• Feasibility Study;
• Financial Modeling of a Renewable Energy Project using the “RE Project Evaluator”;
• Forecast of Revenues and Cash Flows;
• Comprehensive Risk Assessment;
• Preparation of Renewable Energy Projects in the Portfolio context;
• Support mechanism for Renewable Energy Project Finance and Project Contracts;
• Monitoring Services
• Project Contracts.

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Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis